Types of Roles


Researchers are responsible for carrying out fundamental research on search assignments, market mapping, talking to sources and prospects, generating names and developing comparative industry knowledge. Researchers are the backbone of our business and of any reputable search firm providing a bank of valuable prospects ready for further contact.

Resourcer / Associate

In addition to the duties associated with Researchers, Associates perform a more senior role through interaction with Consultants to devise and carry out the search strategy.  They will be involved with screening candidates, reporting to clients and acting as a point of contact for them.


Consultants perform full management of search assignments including taking of the brief, market analysis, interviewing, assessment and presentation of candidates, salary negotiation, and successful recruitment of the selected candidate. Client management and relationship-building are essential to obtaining new recruitment assignments. Consultants are experts in the recruitment process as well as specialists in a particular job function and/or industry.


In addition to the duties associated with Consultant, Managers represent senior figures within our organisation and our profession.  Managers in Sheffield Executive often have a financial stake in our firm.